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GanSu sidecar tours

It is time to plan next year’s sidecar adventures!


We have two longer cj750 sidecar adventure tours every year.

One is cj750 sidecar Inner Mongolia, the other one is sidecar trip to Gansu. These are the most favorite long routes for motorcycle riders.

The two long sdiecar trips will be held in July and august, both are about one week or ten days. Plans will be decided as the participators schedules, so if you or your friends interested in these two adventure tours or you have any ideas about the tours please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Gansu if an epitome of Tibet, so if you do not have enough time go to Tibet, join our Gansu trip.

This trip takes about 10-15 days, we will pass 4 different minority areas, different area with different culutures.

If you are a real rider, and you have been ride motorcycles for very long, this is really a good time to do a real trip in China.

From XinNing to Beijing, the whole way is about 3000kms, we will pass 5 provinces, visit many famous beautiful sites(Qinghai Lake, Taer Lamesary,Mogao Grottos,ride camel in desert, Jiuzhaigou,Terracotta warrior,fist loop of Yellow River).

In the 5 provinces , there are many minority nationalities,Tibetan,Hui (The Tus Minority,Mongolia,Kazak, Dongxiang, Manchu, Mao,BuYi , Zhuang) to feel different Chinese cultures.

Click the pictures below, you will see the big photos. ( All those are our previouse long sidecar trips)



Changjing cj750 sidecar

cj750 sidecar Beijing Guangzhou Dalian