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ShanXi sidecar tours

Shanxi in beief

     Shānxī (山西) is a province in northern China. Inner Mongolia borders it in the north, with the Great Wall of China following this border line. The the west, across the Yellow River, lies Shaanxi province. To the east is Hebei and south Henan. The capital city Taiyuan contains the Pingyao World Heritage site.

For centuries Shanxi was the center of trade and banking, and the term "Shanxi Merchant" (晋商 jìnshāng) was once synonymous with wealth; the well-preserved city of Pingyao, in Shanxi, also shows many signs of its former dominance as a center of trade and banking. Due to Shanxi's geographic location in the Great China and its natural environment, Shanxi was the richest province in Zhongyuan or Center China. In the Qing Dynasty, Pingyao was the centre of Chinese banking industry, a county in contemporary time famous for its UNESCO ancient city walls and ancient China's Wall Street for its financial importance in history.

Shanxi sidecar Tour

   We make this tour as 3-5 days, because we will ride the bikes from Beijing to Shanxi, after arrived, we will ride to the destinations where the customers planed.


Some Tourist attractions

1. Wutai Mountain Scenic Tourist Attractions

The five Sacred Mountains or Wutaishan are located on the border between Hebei and Shanxi provinces in the north of China. Wutaishan in the north of Wutai county in Xinzhou prefecture.

2. Yungang Grottoes Tourism District

3. Temple Pingyao Town

4. Lingshi Wang Family Courtyard tourist attractions

5.Jixian Hukou Waterfall of The Yellow River Tourist Zone 

  This tourist attraction is rates as AAAA on China's nationaltourism         scale.



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