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Sidecar Buying

Don’t leave your family or friends behind when you’re out on your next ride. Get a Cozy ChangJiang750 sidecar motorcycle and start riding together!

A China CJ750 sidecar is a comfortable, convenient recreation vehicle for your journey – whether that’s an extended vacation, leisurely afternoon drive or quick trip to the grocery store.But be prepared, you’ll grab the attention of those you pass!

We have four styles of custom-made sidecar, shown as below, choose your favourite one. 

Custom-made cj750 R71 style ( full chrome )

Those sidecars have polished engine,real leather seats, custom chrome, and custom paint(you can choose any color you like).


Custom-made cj750 sidecar R75 style (military )

Those also called Military style, engine is not polished, the very original look, custom paint, seats have leather and original rubber two choices.


Changjing cj750 sidecar

cj750 sidecar Beijing Guangzhou Dalian