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Sidecar Shipping

No need to worry about the shipping of the bike, we can help you handle that.

We have Two options of transportation:

Option No.1:

we take responsibility to ship the bike to the nearest port to you or inland, and you pick up your bike by hiring local transportation company. You have to do custom clearance yourself.

Option No2:

Door to door service. When we ship it to the port or inland, we take care of the custom bonds, custom clearance, and etc. which includes all the stuff you need to get your bike out of custom. Then we arrange to send it to your door step. I strongly recommend you choosing option No.2,if you are busy with your own business or without any experience to deal with custom stuff.

When you get the bike, the first thing you should do is open the crate. Please pay close attention. You should remove the boards that hold the bike in place before you pull it out of the crate. The thing is if you don’t remove the boards before you pull it out, it might damage fenders. Then you unpack it, you will see the bike covered with dusts which is a normal thing, because when it is shipped on the road or on the ship, dusts can penetrate into cases which is unavoidable. After you clean it, you can fix the handle, connect the battery, change the oil and gear oil, then you can start it and ride it out with fun. You might cause a lot of eyes when you ride it.

All export/ import documents, customs clearance, shipping, insurance and registration in China will be done by us for you. We have rich experience in customs and shipping operation. If you have not enough time to go to the port to pick up the bike and clear customs by yourself, we can help you do this at destination port and also we can arrange door to door service for you. ( meaning directly ship the bike to your house) If you want to pick up the bike by yourself, a big enough truck is necessary. Furthermore, it is better for you to consider how to unload the big crate from the truck in advance no matter our shipping company ships the bike to your house or you pick it up by yourself.

The dimension of crate for sidecar is: L 235 cm × W 166 cm × H 110 cm And it takes up about 4 CBM and the weight is about 700 KGS. The dimension of crate for solo is : L 230 cm × W 85 cm × H 110 cm and it takes up about 2.5 CBM with weight at about 300KGS.

Changjing cj750 sidecar

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