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We would like to cooperate with any company or individual in any country around the world, as long as you have a market in your region. We can offer you favorable price and helps you to do the clearance at Chinese customs. If you are interested in the cooperation, don’t hesitate to contact us. With the high quality and favorable price of our sidecar motorcycles

Right now we have dealers in the below countries. So if you from those countries, our dealers can help you handle all of the things.



Bike in Bulgaria

Mr Evgeni Danov shipped the first changjiang750 sidecar into Bulgariaand got the legal number plate, he and his family had great time with the bike. They won the first position during they were invited to take part in the classic show. The pictures below offered by Mr Evgeni Danp



 Bike in US

Mr Daniel m Paulson from US, he got his first sidecar during his frist year in Beijing , now he got 14 chinese cj750 sidecar,12 bikes already shipped to US. One of his sidecar e in US was in a classic motorcycle show in  Virginia.Amd won the first position!

Daniel did a lot of sidecar trips in China too, here are some pictures Daniel and his friend Mr Firth took during the bike show.

He has 12 changjiangsidecars in US now and another 2 in Beijing.



Bike in Germany

Mr Hans Thorweger shipped many changjiang750 sidecar to Germany for himself and his friends.

He has some sidecars keeps in China too, a typical motorcycle enthusiast. He did and organzied many sidecar trips in China, short tours in Dalian, beijing, and long tours to Gansu , Inner mongolia...

Those pictures is Hans and his friends  in the sidecar trips



Bike in France                

Mr Christophe Khouya shipped one sidecar to France,the bike already got legal number plate.


Bike in Spain

Thanks to Mr JAVIER ELIAS RUIZ PEÑA  offered us his bike pictures


 Bike in Portugal

Mr Carlos Velez our good friend, he got two sidecars from Beijing, one for himself and one for his friend. He rides his bike very often, and now already became half mechanic. He took part in and also organize many antique bike gathings. Seems he had great fun on his bike, below are the pictures from Carlos.



Bike in Austria

All these photos offered by Mr Dalibor Dado Tesanovic in Austria, classic black color, still with the black Jing A plate, of course with Austria plate as well


Bike in Brazil

Mr Luciano Marson from Brazil, came to Beijing and ordered his sidecar from me, after we both did many research, especially Luciano did a lot of work in Brazil, finally we shipped his CJ750 solo into Brazil.

He is our official dealer there, so if you want get a cj750 sidecar or solo, can contact with him.


pic2 pic3 pic4

Changjing cj750 sidecar

cj750 sidecar Beijing Guangzhou Dalian