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HeiBei sidecar tours

Ye Sanpo is our favorite routs in Hebei province, because it's not far from BeiJing, suit for two days or three days overnight tours, with very beautiful sceneries.

Ye Sanpo scenic district is located in Hebei Province, featuring with karst landscape and Juma water. Here you can hike, ride horses, enjoy bamboo rafts on the river and see some of the most beautiful sceneries in North China.   

 Bailixia Gorge is the most attractive and beautiful attraction of the Yesanpo scenic district. It is 105 meters at its deepest point and covers about 110 square kilometers. This spot is known as ‘Nature's Studio’ because of the beautiful mountains and valleys. Bailixia is referred to as "the first gorge in the world" In the spring, grasses grow rampantly, birds sing cheerfully, and flowers bloom riotously; In the fall, the mountain wears a deep red hue of maple leaves. There is a 600-step staircase that will lead you to the top of Bailixia or you can take the cablecar. When you stand on the top of Bailixia, you will truly see its towering splendor and unique beauty. Precipitous as it is, climbing is welcomed. Surrounded by such a charming place, you can't help but feel that the “landscape here is indeed unique.” It is really a gift from nature.

We ride many times to Yesanpo by our cj750 sidecar, you can experience the beautiful scenery in a special way and breath the fresh air.

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