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It is time to plan next year’s cj750 sidecar adventures!


We have two longer sidecar 750 adventures every year!

One is cj750 sidecar Inner Mongolia, the other one is Gansu cj750 sidecar tour. These are the most favorite long routes for motorcycle riders.

The two sidecar trips will be held in July and august every year, both are about one week or ten days. Plans will be decided as the participators schedules, so if you or your friends interested in this two cj750 sidecar adventure tours or you have any ideas about the trips please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Trip by cj750 sidecar to Manzhouli China                           

Manzhouli tours are becoming more and more attractive for both domestic and foreign tourists in recent years. Want to ride sidecar on the enormous Hulun Buir Grasslands? Manzhouli tour is the best choice. As a small town, Manzhouli is situated in the northeastern part of Inner Mongolia, with Russia and Mongolia in the north. Well known as "the Window of Eastern Asia", Manzhouli is the largest foreign trade port in China's land border. Manzhouli tour is famous for the Hulun Buir Grasslands which are filled with beautiful wild flowers during the spring months and the famed Hulun Lake which is China's fifth largest freshwater lake.

We have a support team every time: include mechanic, car full of food, bears, tents and other staffs which we will be used during the tour.

What are you hesitating for, come and join our tours , explore Inner Mongolia with the sidecar riders together. It will not let you down.

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