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Sidecar optional parts

Except the necessary parts for your cj750 sidecar, here are some optional ones, which can make your bike faster, powerful and beautiful.

Choose your favourite one, make your sidecar special.

For more information of these parts or accessaries please contac us.

high speed final drive high speed pistion and rings Horn(different color)  Horn(different color) 
Bigger seat BMW logo Old handle bar lever saddle bag No.1
sound system luggage carrier saddle bag No.2 saddle bag No.3
leather insert1 leather insert 2 Disk brake  shovel holder
Tralior head light cover spare gas can  tool box
MG 34 wind screen front fork system  sports tyre
 handle shift gear small air clearner    new improved gas tank cap    Handle bar raiser
Alloy wheel  stainless duckboard   Wooden floor    Disk brake with old hand bar lever
 sidecar Model 1(hand-made)

sidecar Model 2 (hand-made)

  German M35 helmet   leg protector
electrocaloric socks Bluetooth(biker to biker, biker to passenger) gloves Pilot Helmet(different colors)
Tatoo sleeve chrome distributor Harley style wider wheel Cusom make sidecar box 
tow for sidecar Old BMW tail light

img33 img44



img33 img44

Changjing cj750 sidecar

cj750 sidecar Beijing Guangzhou Dalian